Concert week: notes from Kevin


We had a good rehearsal on Monday! Here are rehearsal notes to mark in your music prior to Thursday’s rehearsal. I’ll give you some additional notes on Thursday at our 7pm rehearsal meeting time.
Mark the following:
Latin vowel reminders:
*e – “eh” not “ay” (aeternam, aeterna)
*o – “aw” not “oh” (Domine, Hosanna, tollis)
German reminders:
*The e endings of words are schwa (unstressed “uh” sound)
*More percussive initial consonants on words
*More colorful umlauts
In general, we need more initial consonants.
Altos and basses can sing out a little more
More eye contact at the starts of phrases and sections so we stay together better.
Sing with your EYES, not with your ears.
Need to make piano dynamics more intensely piano
Could still use more consonants, especially initial consonants
Sop: m. 134 – the Gb is too low
All: mm. 146-152 and mm. 306-312 – don’t rush, feel the pulse on the rest
Sop: m. 154 – lock in the G natural pitch and don’t waver on it
Bass: mm. 193-197 needs to sound sweeter and lighter, not harsh
Sop: mm. 203-209 – need to think microtones between each note; we are flatting in some voices


Mvt. 1
Alto/Bass: m. 64 – pehr-peh-too-ah, not pehr-peh-CHOO-ah
Sop: mm. 77-78 pitches not entirely correct in all voices. Also check m. 86 and 90. Review please.
Men: m. 126 – better projection on first note with a rolled [r] ON the pitch. Think ahead slightly.
All: M. 145 – the first pitch caught us off guard
Mvt. 2
Watch carefully so we stay together rhythmically. It is easy for this movement to speed up.
Sop: m. 85 – be ready for first pitch; also better phrase shaping in the “Lacrimosa” section with better breath support on sustained lines
Tenor: m. m. 87 – first pitch shaky (get your pitch from previous soprano note)
All: m. 138 – a few singers are still missing the rhythm on beat 4. COUNT!
Sop: m. 161 – all notes are sagging in pitch
Mvt. 3
Sop: m. 25 – we were not ready for this pitch. Be watching. Think high on it and sing “ah.” The second problem is the 1/2 step to the second note. We are singing that interval too wide, resulting in a very flat C natural.
All: m. 33 – second pitch is flat because we are making the 1/2 step too wide.
All: mm. 55-61 – qwee TAW-lees (not TOE-lees)
Men: mm. 55-58 – more percussive consonants
All: note the crescendos in mm. 68-69 and similar places
Women: m. 85 – many of you missed “qui” in this measure because you weren’t watching for the ritard. Make a note to watch and count.
Mvt. 4
Sop & Alto: m. 110 – check pitches again in this measure
Bass: m. 116 – sing lighter, don’t force
Men: m. 128 – sing brighter and with more percussive consonants. Don’t project your sound to the music but out into the audience. Same thing for the passage beginning at m. 146
All: no [h] on Hosanna — and it is AW, not OH
Mvt. 5
All: Watch carefully so we stay together at all times
All, m. 115 going to m. 116 — remember I’m cueing the winds first, THEN you all.
THANK YOU! Invite your friends to come!!!

Performance Notes

All, please review the performance notes as compiled by Beth Franklin, Soprano Section Director, for all voice parts. If sections directors have additional comments to provide, please advise.

Happy practicing,
Amy Ghanem

Notes are posted on the Requiem page within the members section