Board of Directors

Howard Rhoades, President
Bob Qualley, Senior Vice President
Larry Pain, Treasurer
Cheryl Price, Secretary
Chad Searcy, Vice President of Performance
Bob Clark, Vice President of Audience Development
(Vacant), Vice President of Financial Development
Linda Cvek-Adams, Vice President of Administration
Penny Nelson, Vice President of Community Outreach & Special Projects

Leah Colburn, Director at large
Elaine Edstrom, Director at large
Lucinda Orr, Director at large
John Rogers, Director at large

Elizabeth Ferrio, Business Manager (Ex Officio Member)
Bob Frank, Director Emeritus

Management Committee

Bob Clark, VP Audience Development
Leah Colburn, Chair, Tickets; Manager, Social Media
D Comstock, Manager, Print Media
Linda Cvek-Adams, Alto Section Leader; VP Administration
Elizabeth Ferrio, Registrar; Business Manager
Dr. Kevin Klotz, Artistic Director
Penny Nelson, Soprano Section Leader; VP COSP
Larry Pain, Treasurer
Cheryl Price, Alto Section Director; Secretary
Bob Qualley, Chair – Management Committee; Chair – Patronage; Rehearsal Manager; Bass Assistant Section Leader; Senior VP
Howard Rhoades, Bass Section Leader; President
John Rogers, Bass Section Director; Performance Stage Manager; Director at large
Chad Searcy, Tenor Section Leader; VP Performance