Week of 3/18

Dear HCS,

This Week
2. Message from Dr. Klotz
3. Message from HCS’ Music Librarian
4. Requiem for the Living concert resources – Links to Sound & Rehearsal Files
5. HCS Box Office update – Attendance & Sales results!

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Message from Dr. Kevin Klotz, HCS Artistic Director

Good afternoon! As you know, we are learning a good bit of new music for our May 18th concert. Without a doubt, our biggest challenge will be to get the notes/rhythms learned as quickly as possible. In order to facilitate this, we have purchased wonderful rehearsal files for the Requiem for the Living and have provided internet rehearsal files for Schicksalslied. (Links are below)

I would like to set a weekly goal that singers try to practice, in advance, their part in the movements listed on the rehearsal schedule for each upcoming Monday rehearsal. I will have the rehearsal schedule posted each week by Wednesday. If you can find some time to practice your part, it will make a huge difference! I would like for us to have the music pretty solid a month from now (by April 15th) so we can spend time working on the musicality and other exciting details of these two great masterpieces!

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the Houston Choral Society. What an amazing and successful concert season this has been! I am so looking forward to our upcoming rehearsals on the Forrest and Brahms works as we continue to combine our voices together to make glorious music!


Auditions for solos in Requiem for the Living will be held on Monday, April 8 (6:30-7:25 p.m.). I’ve listed the available solo parts below for each voice part on this concert. Please be prepared to sing each of the parts below and give me a heads up via email if you are planning to audition at artisticdirector@houstonchoral.org.

Mvt. III: Agnus Dei, mm. 37-80
Mvt. V: Lux Aeterna, mm. 70-103

Mvt. V: Lux Aeterna, mm. 53-69

Message from HCS Music Librarian
Please continue to turn in your scores (16) for Music From The Movies.
* Excessive pencil markings, paperclips, flags, etc. should be removed prior to turn in.

The 2 scores for the Requiem for the Living concert are borrowed.
* NO ink markings, highlighting, excessive pencil markings or spills. USE a no.2 pencil only.

You are welcome to purchase your own scores from JW Pepper:

Requiem for the Living/Dan Forest

SATB Choral Score
UPC: 728215048814 Publisher ID: 08763247 10384178 MA

Note: HCS will be using the SATB Vocal Score, not the SATB choral score

https://www.jwpepper.com/Schicksalslied,-Op.-54/10482208.item – /submit

SATB Vocal Score
UPC: 9790007145156 Publisher ID: 10.399/03 10482208

Please continue to check this section for updates and links for additional resources for our final all-chorus concert.

Rehearsal Agenda for Monday:

Google Drive Rehearsal Sound Files by Voice Part and Full Choir:

YouTube Sound Files link:

Requiem for the Living

German Pronunciation Resources:

German “Ken-Speak” Pronunciation Guide (Very helpful aide for English speakers who need to “sound” German):

Score Markings Resources: Check this link on Wednesday!

Flyer for Requiem for the Living – Coming Soon!

Box Office results for Music From The Movies:
Total Attendance: 724
Box Office Sales: >$11,500.00

These are history-making results for HCS! All of you are amazing – every singer, every volunteer, our Artistic Director and musicians, HCS Management Team and HCS Board of Directors! Let’s keep the momentum going.

Sell tickets to Requiem For The Living!
Here’s the link for buying tickets online: https://hcs.yapsody.com/

Share 📲our concert ticket sales link on social media!


Please pray for – (please submit prayers requests to vpadmin@houstonchoral.org by Saturday), for the repose of the soul of the mother of Marguerite Lapetina (S2-SD), Alan Wilken (Bass), Victoria Atkinson (Soprano) – for a happy and safe delivery of her baby, for those among us, our friends and family who struggle with finances and finding employment, for the continued health (and recovery) of all our members and volunteers, for an increase in membership, and for the success of our final concerts of the season!

Section Administrators and Directors Contacts

Section Directors
If you have questions regarding your music, please contact your Section Directors.

sopranodirector@houstonchoral.org – Beth Franklin (S1) & Marguerite Lapetina (S2) (On Temporary Leave) / Ms. Katie Gravesmill (Interim SD-S2)
altodirector@houstonchoral.org – Riley Oliver & Lauren Rivera
tenordirector@houstonchoral.org – Taylor Brewer & Doug Crowe
bassdirector@houstonchoral.org – George Engelmann & John Rogers

Section Administrators
If you are running late or need to miss rehearsal, please contact your Section Administrators.

sopranoadmin@houstonchoral.org – Penny Nelson – call/text: 832-692-7094
altoadmin@houstonchoral.org -Lori Seelhoff – call/text: 321-287-4117
tenoradmin@houstonchoral.org – Sean Eary – call/text: 979-204-6818
bassadmin@houstonchoral.org – Bob Romero – call/text: 713-248-6030

See you Monday night!

Amy Ghanem
VP of Administration
Houston Choral Society
call/text: 713-825-6148