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Join us for the entire season!

Keep Practicing!

  1. Message from Director’s Podium:  Keep practicing music and look for marked scores week of August 26th.
  2. Volunteer opportunity: Dec. 1st is our Christmas concert – A Glorious Christmas!   This year, we will host a special fundraiser silent auction for the benefit of HCS.  Committees are forming now.  Get involved at the ground level and contact Audra Klotz at
  3. Share our concert events on Facebook and post our concert season flyer at work.  When you receive a Constant Contact email, please open it and then share it on Facebook and/or forward to a friend.  Post a flyer at the local businesses you frequent with the owner’s permission.

New Rehearsal Information

Members, each week Kevin is going to be using a google document showing the rehearsal plan. Instead of a new document each time, Kevin is just going to edit this one. It will be the current rehearsal plan at all times. To access the rehearsal plan each week, click on the tab above labeled “Rehearsal Information.”

In addition, on the page labeled “Rehearsal Files” will be a a link for a YouTube playlist for the first concert. We will do this for each concert instead of rehearsal cds. Audra is hoping to get mp3s of these and will then post a link for each next to the youtube playlist.

Also, please check out the “Members Calendar” page! This will always be current.

Teri Clark