Oktoberfest Update

While you (may) have some time on your hands over the visit of Harvey, I want to share the progress that has been made with Rehearsal Tools for our “Oktoberfest” concert:

Our Members’ Corner has been updated with lots of information:

– All the Administration pages and data have been updated

Fall 2017 Rehearsal Information page – I have posted links to all the information that I have been sending via e-mail: Choral Calendar for the Season, Rehearsal Schedules, PDF score files, IPA renditions of our repertoire, Text/Translation files, etc.

We have new “Ken-Speak” version of the German texts. These are special files made when Linda speaks to text to husband Ken, and he writes down what he hears. Cool!

I have added a link to MP3 files on MediaFire which are recordings of Linda Martin-Rust speaking the German text for the repertoire in the concert. Here is that link, but you can always find it on the page in the Members’ Corner: https://www.mediafire.com/#ge07wwa3da2y4

Fall 2017 Rehearsal Music page – I have posted all of the musical links that have been provided over the past few weeks.

I will continue to update the resources, and will notify you when something new has been added to the pages in our Members’ Corner.

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